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Passion. Experience. Diligence.

Registered Agribusiness Consultant Kerry Ryan works predominantly with large scale, multi-generation farming family corporates to help them achieve their goals.
His focus is on challenging his clients to strive for best practice in all aspects of governance, leadership, planning and relationship management.
A regular speaker and commentator on agri-business strategy, planning and people management, Kerry has spent over 30 years in commercial and consultancy roles.
He is passionate about holding businesses accountable to their values and ensuring these are reflected in strategy selection, risk management and business behaviours.
His style includes commitment to the highest level of collaboration with business owners, their financiers and professionals to enhance profit, manage risk, identify opportunity and foster personal and professional growth for all involved.

Recent Assignments:

  • Strategic planning and implementation through ongoing agribusiness consultancy roles.
  • Development and leadership of succession plans as part of strategic reviews for family corporate enterprises.
  • Coordination of advisory boards that holds farming businesses accountable for quality communication with all stakeholders and generations.
  • Promoting values driven corporate behaviours for governance and leadership through continuous improvement of team dynamics to balance personal and professional relationships.
  • Conference speaking engagements on Business Planning and Staff Management for New Zealand and Australian audiences.
  • Leadership of client discussion groups to promote creativity, self-awareness and professional development including awareness of off farm opportunity and macro issues that impact the modern farming business. 
  • Previously Kerry has contributed regular articles to New Zealand Dairying Today, Rural News and Australian Dairy Farmer. You can access an archive of Kerry's columns and other publications here.