Speaking Services

Speaking Services

Kerry offers a range of presentations and workshops that will accelerate your personal and business progress. They explore people management, business planning and relationship management- high payback activities to drive your profits and job satisfaction. Each carefully crafted presentation draws on international experience advising top farming operations and observing what works.

Options Include: 
Staff Selection Made Simple
Learn ‘tricks of the trade’ developed over 15 years of selecting and managing staff for leading farm businesses and corporates. Find out how to:

  • attract waiting lists, not just short lists
  • advertise to promote opportunity
  • interview to provide skills – not just hear about them
  • evaluate likely behaviour and performance by identifying personality styles

Getting The Right People Doing The Right Things
Staff management should be as simple as selecting the best, talking to them and practising leadership. But the mix of personalities, experience, business goals and career aspirations makes people management so much more complicated. This presentation highlights

  • the value of getting the right people on board
  • communication strategies to develop a team culture “self-directing and self-correcting”
  • maximising job satisfaction and protecting the availability of your genius in the business by a strategic approach to delegation

Business Planning For Farmers
A thought provoking and highly motivating look at what’s going down on the farm. This will challenge you to get where you want to go faster in all areas of your life. It will help you:

  • know what you want to be so you can decide what you need
  • convert obstacles to opportunity
  • understand the process of business planning
  • get in touch with values that fuel your vision

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